The Security of Steel With The Beauty of Wood

For The Security of Steel With The Beauty Of Wood, Choose a Cantilever Wooden Automatic Gate


This is a fantastic mix of materials the galvanized and powder coated steel gate set of perfectly by the Iroko hardwood gate panels. The steel frame does all the support for the gate this will never twist or warp and the gate never touches the ground as it slides as it’s a cantilever system.


The Iroko panels are purely aesthetic and hold no weight at all this was designed to suit the needs of our customer for privacy, security and longevity in its construction. the motor for this gate is capable of moving 1.5 tons!! but is still safe to the touch thanks to the safety edges installed to the gate.


We have installed an hardwired intercom system with keypads to the front and the back of the gate to allow those who know the codes access without the need for a remote control.


To say that our customer was happy with the results is an understatement and they kindly wrote a letter in to thank us for all our hard work, that’s a great feeling for us as it’s what we strive for a happy customer.


If your thinking of a cantilever wooden automatic gate or require more information then please call us on 0800 072 9509