Wooden Gates

These can be quite elegantly simple or very intricate in their design made from softwood or hardwood all have their own individual benefits from Oak to Douglas fir. They add a beautiful finishing touch to your home that will last for years if treated correctly with the proper stains or oils. We only use timber from FSC recognized sources that is sustainable and protecting the environment.



When solid boarded like the Iroko wooden sliding gate shown above it adds privacy to you, your family and your property as nobody can just look in and see what is there. Protecting valuable assets from prying eyes.



These Bespoke Iroko hardwood timber gates are less about people not being able to see in but to add some security whilst enhancing the look of the entrance to the property these were automated with hydraulic ram arms and a magnetic lock on the pedestrian gate.


We will now venture into the right type of wood for the look that you are after……



Oak is the most sought after material to make gates out of as it is a very traditional material used in the construction of gates for a very long time. It is however the most expensive of all the woods that you can make gates out of as the raw cost of seasoned oak to make the gates is very high.


It offers a beauty like no other though if left alone it will season down from a white colour to a silvery grey perfect for period property’s that want that old charm look, also a great material for newer more contemporary homes when looked after and stained.


This is a very hard and durable wood it is as hard as nails to drill through and 300mm square oak posts are so heavy you won’t believe it. Oak will crack and move over time as all timber gates will but the more seasoned it is before being made into a gate the better it will last. The image shown below is some wonderful oak gates that we installed in the crown estate in Sunninghill in Berkshire.





Iroko is an African very durable hardwood that will silver down like oak when left but is noticeably cheaper than its more famous counterpart. It is redder in colour to begin with and lends itself to staining very well again a very heavy wood like oak that requires great care in assembly to ensure that the construction of the gates is suitable for automating the gates are 3 inches thick to withstand the test of time.


This is our most popular choice all the benefits of hardwood with a significant saving over oak iroko is more stable outdoors than oak and will not shrink, warp, twist or crack as much as oak will. Shown below is a one of gate that is 6.5m long made 4 inches thick for strength and durability it was lifted in to place by a crane as it was so heavy. This automatic iroko sliding gate was installed in Bookham in Surrey.





Softwood can come in many guises from Scandinavian redwood to engineered Douglas fir, the Douglas fir gates are essentially the same price as iroko as the wood possess all of the same qualities with being a hardwood.


Scandinavian redwood is a great timber for those wanting wooden gates without the great expense as it is the most cost effective of them all and comes in ACQ pressure treated which is a preservative that is pressure injected into the wood giving it a greenish appearance. This can be stained over in any colour you desire shown below is a pair of automated softwood gates in Ightham, Nr Sevenoaks in Kent.



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