Sliding Gates

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This type of gate is a great way of saving space on a tight driveway, as the gate will move across the entranceway rather than encroaching on valuable space. These are also used when a driveway rises uphill as a swing gate might not work in this instance. As you can see below space is a premium on this driveway however the gates were created to look like a pair of gates retaining that natural feel of a pair of gates.



This is a tracked sliding gate. It runs along on a track rather than the other type of sliding gate which is a cantilever gate. This has its own support mechanism that is concreted into the ground. The cantilever gate has to be significantly longer than a tracked gate to support its own weight. Shown below is a large 12m long cantilever gate at a school in Harrow, London.



Nearly all of these types of gates use the same motor arrangement which is a sliding gate motor with drive cog that moves racking along that is fixed to the gates. There are two types of racking available either steel or nylon. The nylon is a bit quieter and the steel a bit stronger. We tend to use nylon on domestic installations and steel on commercial applications.


Whilst a sliding gate is larger and more difficult to handle there is only one motor which is good from a parts or repair perspective as there is less to go wrong. However they are significantly more dangerous than any other type of gate as they present significant shearing and trapping risks and have been known to cause fatalities when installed incorrectly.


Below is a link to the government health and safety executive website for you to have a look at when deciding on how safe your gates should be.


Never compromise on safety with gates as it can lead to serious injure or worse.


This is why all of our installations are force tested and have anti crush safety edges and motors installed to ensure those who use the gate can do so safely.



This image shows an electric cantilever gate arrangement being set up before the pattern print concrete driveway is laid this ensures a perfect finish as shown below for the gate and the driveway. This is why we are confident that we are the people for the job with the experience to know how to get the job done right first time.



If you would like to know more about this installation shown above the read more about it in our case studies section.


 Stanford Le Hope Case study


A sliding gate can be made of wood, steel or aluminium to achieve basically any look that you desire take a look at our gallery for some inspiration for your own gate or tell us what you like if you have a style in mind we can recreate any look.