Metal Gates

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A set of high quality metal gates make a statement about you and your home. Whether it’s about individuality and personality or for security. Let us help you make the right choices to suit the needs of you and your environment.
Steel gates are very strong and durable, they will last for decades when galvanized, up to 25 years before starting to rust. This is dependent on environment though, if you live near the sea (lucky you) then the salt air is more corrosive and we would recommend choosing a set of stainless steel gates as this is the best way to go.
When people think of metal gates they think of wrought iron gates however most gates are mild steel rather than traditional wrought iron as it is vastly more expensive than steel. Steel gates can be can be shaped to look like they are traditional hand forged puddled wrought iron but there are a lot of differences between the two.






Both of the designs shown above differ greatly one is wrought iron that is around 100 years old that were sourced from a reclaim yard by the customer. We then had them repaired and painted, the other is a new install I will let you guess which is which?


Did you guess correctly? 


The Eiffel tower is puddled wrought iron these parts were made in moulds of hot iron whereas most gates are made from mild steel parts bought in and welded together there is no traditional blacksmithing in this process there is no fire and no anvil used.


As you can see the skill lies in being able to see the finished article before you start with an intimate knowledge of fabrication metalworking and welding. These skills can be seen to great effect as shown above as this entrance gate shows in its fabulous design.


We can offer a Metal gates to any design, in any material that your heart desires or we can just replicate one that you have seen and like. All you have to do is contact us to find out more….