Becoming ever more popular and affordable, once the main stay of only the elite homes in the country you can now find electric gates to suit even the tightest of budgets. Please be aware when the price seems too good to refuse it often is. When a poor job is done for a cheap price we all know what comes next……..


Having been in this industry for over 15 years we have seen it all! So let us take this hassle out of the equation for you. We will only install proven market leading products along with full after sales support and warranty. We always offer our best price to you in the first instance not a high price that we suddenly have a deal on that next week.




As electric gates are often the first line of defence from a security perspective, keeping unwanted visitors or intruders away from the front door of your home RELIABILTY is key. The reliability to perform in all weathers, reliability from being installed correctly to prevent breakdowns occurring, the reliability of the right equipment being installed that will last for years and years.




We undertake all aspects of this with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. Our engineers are fully trained and given further ongoing training during their careers with us to keep them up to date with current regulations and equipment.


Our sales team can advise you on the best products based on your individual requirements this means the right job for the customer every time.


Customer satisfaction for us is our reward for a job well done. We always want to hear your feedback on our work be it via an online review or a simple note to state how happy you are.



As there are so many products and types of gates and automation on the market we here is a little extra information explaining the difference between them.


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Wooden Gates

Metal Gates

Sliding Gates

Gate Automation Motors