Barriers and Bollards

Automatic barriers and automatic bollards are a great way of keeping unwanted traffic out of car parks and private roads with less expense than an automatic gate and a faster operating speed. They can handle high volumes of traffic movement to keep the entrance or exit closed quickly.


Automatic barriers are available in a wide range of colours and specifications with boom lengths that can reach up to 12m in length and open/closing times of 3 seconds.


There are many options with these barriers depending on their application this is where our surveyors can help in getting you the right product for the task it needs to perform.


Optional skirt kits can stop people ducking under them or trying to climb over them, there can be flashing warning lights on the boom to show impending movement and making them more visible to pedestrians and drivers alike.


Vehicle induction loops, photocells and safety edges on the barrier boom will keep the barrier compliant with health and safety laws whilst keeping the area secure.


These automatic bollards are an ideal way to keep pedestrians moving whilst restricting traffic flow they are very robust and can take phenomenal impact without being damaged depending on their specification. They are used highly in areas of high importance or risk check our link below for the video this bollard operating.

Link to video