Access Control

Access Control is a very wide ranging term from a simple remote control to a networked swipe access system for a large commercial premises these systems can unlock doors or open gates, barriers or bollards.


We can help you choose the right type of products that suit your needs either in a commercial environment or at a residential property below we have listed a few of the types available and what different functions that they perform.


Intercom System’s


These can be from a simple wired handset placed conveniently within the home at a low cost to a wireless Gsm type system that will allow you to grant access to the property from anywhere in the world.


Shown below left is a more basic model that comes with built in keypad for coded access with a standard handset on the right there is a touchscreen video unit that compliments the modern look of the interior of this property.



As you can see these are only two of the variants available there are also, wireless video intercom, wireless audio intercom, Gsm intercoms, IP intercoms, Hardwire audio intercom, Hardwired video intercom, among many others let us help you choose the right products for you.


These are a nice simple way of controlling access through doors, gates and other controlled environments. Only those who know the codes can gain access to the area that is being controlled multiple codes can be added to certain keypads along with time profiles only allowing access during certain times to certain people.



This will allow full control to be retained by the homeowner or business to let in the gardener or staff at certain times only keeping the site secure at all other times.




These are an effective way of opening gates, barriers and bollards there is a wire that is either slot cut into a tarmac road or laid in a frame under block paving this is then wired back to a loop detector.


The vehicle induction loop detects metal above it therefore opening the gate by way of a car driving on top of it. These are usually used to exit a property or commercial environment letting people out of car parks with the minimum of fuss, they are also used on barriers and bollards as safety functions around the automation to ensure the bollard does not rise up or the barrier come down on a car.





A swipe access or proximity reader are very similar the only difference as such is that one requires a card to be swiped and the other only requires the tag to be placed near the reader. They are very beneficial for large commercial application as you can monitor who is going through a certain door or gate and what time the event occurred.




This is helpful as access to all areas is controlled therefore stopping any unwanted visitors from just walking in through an unlocked door or staff going into areas that are restricted to them. Our surveyors can help you choose the right products to achieve the security levels that suit your individual needs.