Repairs & Maintenance

These should be treated as two separate disciplines we will explain why.


When a problem occurs you must find a suitable company to work with this is important as if the problem is diagnosed incorrectly then this may result in you incurring costs that may not be necessary for parts that were never required in the first place.

All too often we have all felt the cost of poor service and bad repair jobs from a guy who knows a guy only to have to pay even more than you would have had to have paid to put it right.

Let our trained engineers help you avoid this situation as our repair service will find the fault and advise you on the best way to get it fixed with the minimal of fuss.

We have had to fix so many jobs like this one below and we genuinely feel for our customer’s plight when they have had a tough time trying to find the right people for the job.




The photo shows a motor that has just seems to be full of mud and water is this a service issue? Yes and no? There is an underlying problem here, there is a lack of sufficient drainage, the motor type was not suitable for the environment as all the water and debris heads downhill towards the motor boxes.

Ram type motors would have been more suitable and not cost the customer in excess of a £1500.00 pounds to replace the motors and install new drainage. As we said we feel for our customers having to foot the bill of poor workmanship.



A maintenance visit is exactly what it says maintenance this involves checking all the components of the system. Unfortunately in the time allotted for a maintenance visit we do not have time to carry out repairs and this service is billed separately listed below is why.

This is ensure that the gate operates in good condition until the next service is due, failure to keep up with servicing of the gate in the system becoming dangerous to those who use it and may cause parts to fail resulting in expensive repairs.

The checking of the mechanical components of the system I;e hinges, welded brackets, greasing and oiling of all the mechanical components. Shown below is what can happen if a gate is left to just carry on with no attention. Luckily both gates never landed on top of anybody, these were not installed by us but it shows what a lack of maintenance can cause.



Electrical check of all the components I;e photocells, motors, control system etc, if you think electrical systems are fine to just leave then think again as the next photo shows mother nature has other ideas.


The first disturbing photo was taken in a stable yard and the cables in the bit of pipe were mains voltage great piece of work by whoever did that lucky they didn’t hurt somebody.
The second photo shows an attack of slugs and creepy crawlies that have blown everything in the cabinet and even the metal cabinet has rotted through.


Safety testing of the system, checking all of the installed safety equipment works correctly and then a final check will be to perform a force test on the vulnerable areas and provide you with a report to ascertain whether or not the gate meets safety standards.

After our guys have completed all this they unfortunately have dash off and help somebody else and won’t have time to just look at this and that.

This is what a properly maintained underground motor should look like even after 10 years in the ground.