Electric Gate Installation


When thinking about an electric gate installation on your driveway, the emphasis should not be on cost alone. There are so many other factors to consider when choosing the right company for your own installation such as:


  • Does the company I am using have sufficient experience installing automatic gates?
  • Will the gate system be safe for everyone to use?
  • What type of system is right for my driveway?
  • How will the system operate? Keypads, Remotes, Loops, Intercom System?
  • How long will the paint work last?
  • Do I need to stain my wooden gates?
  • How often do they need servicing?


This is where we can help, we have years of experience installing gate systems to the highest possible standards. We are a Gate Safe registered company and regularly update the training of all of our staff to ensure that our knowledge in the industry is second to none.


Below is an example of why choosing the correct installer will pay dividends in the long run. This will save you money and time trying to get the problems fixed that should not have occurred.



Obviously our work is the one on the left.


The image on the right is not only dangerous, it is unprofessional and may lead you to question the capability and reliability of the works that have been carried out.


Why settle for this when we can do a professional job for you and give you peace of mind that whatever product you choose it will be installed correctly.