Automatic Metal Gates

We can supply you with an array of designs, sizes and intricate detail for your metal gates, your imagination is your only limitation.


They can be in a range of different finishes from galvanised and powder coated to blue, purple and pink.


All gates are manufactured from scratch by highly experienced craftsman.


If you are looking for more security, but with an attractive finish, our metal electric gates could be the perfect solution for you. Not only are they an excellent deterrent to unwanted visitors, they offer you the convenience of opening to only those people you wish to access your premises.


If ever you are away from your home, on your return you can gain access with a small remote control, this can be from within your vehicle or on a key chain for safe keeping. This means that your property stays secure when you’re not there. The gates close behind you, keeping your home safe once you’re back inside. Gaining access really can be as simple as possible at the click of a button.


Electric gates are designed to be reliable and practical, with thanks to our skilled staff at City Automation our automatic gates can be designed to your exact requirements.

Gates can be designed to either slide or swing open, whichever is most convenient for your situation, with a variety of bespoke solutions on offer to match your personal taste or the style of your home.