Metal Gates Cranbrook Kent. Architects Drawing

When architects or equivalent is beginning to specify a set of gates for a school, house or commercial premises certain considerations must be taken into account above all aesthetic benefits.


  • Safety – this can be down to the construction of the gates they may look nice but be inherently unsafe in there construction and hinging arrangement to maintain a certain look.  No amount of safety products will overcome these flaws in the construction of the gates and extra money will be spent unnecessarily to attempt to rectify these flaws.


  • Equipment choice – for multi residential premises, schools and commercial sites need to have a different thought process included in their design due to the larger volumes of traffic that are using the gates. There are more likely to be pedestrians in close proximity to the entrances this presents risks as safety equipment is even more important than ever. Check out our health and safety section for further clarification.


  • Equipment choice – there are so many different manufacturers and products on the market that it is a lot to take in when specifying the correct products for a particular job. We have included some downloads that we may think that you will find helpful in understanding the correct equipment choices for your next project.