Q. Can I buy additional remotes?

Of course, we will always supply a minimum of 3 new remotes to go with your system, however should you discover that you require an additional just contact us and we will provided you with a cost.


Q. Do I require planning permission for my gates?

Usually no, but depending on your surroundings, if you think they would prove an issue it is always best to check with your local authority first.


Q. What happens if there is a power cut?

All of the automatic systems come with a manual override, you will always be able to enter and exit your property.


Q. Why should I have a maintenance contract?

Like any electrical item, your warranty will only get you so far, you have to look after it to ensure it lasts the distance, having your system regularly serviced will ensure your system lasts.

For more information on maintaining your system please click here 

Q. Do you automate existing gates?

We would be prepared to automate gates already in situ but before this could be confirmed a site survey would take place to ensure the gates, hinges, posts etc are suitable to withstand the automation features.


Q. Should I have metal or wooden gates?

This is predominantly down to personal preference. Solid wooden gates can offer full privacy and are made from natural resources. Metal gates are less expensive to install and maintain and can be designed to fit in with existing railings/fencing.


To find out more information please click here for wooden gates and here for metal gates