Buyers Guide

Electric gates, Automatic gates

Here you will find some helpful tips on how to get the most from your new electric gates.


  • Product Choice – Choosing an incorrect product can be expensive in many ways, you could over specify meaning higher costs unnecessarily, equally choosing a product that is not up to the task over the long term will equate to a parts failure at some point, this will then cost to repair. Our experience in the industry helps us to understand the best product for the jobs they are intended to do.


  • Suitability for the environment – In which the product is being placed, for example in coastal locations gates should be galvanized this will prevent corrosion from the salty environment. High winds are likely to be an issue in the countryside, this has an effect on the choice of equipment used and the amount of safety equipment necessary on the gates as stronger motors would possibly be required.


  • Access Control System –  How do people enter and exit? There are a lot of different products on the market from a simple remote control to a swipe access system for the more commercial properties. We have the experience to help you choose the right products for you.


  • Servicing – This is required on all gate systems not only will it prolong the life of the products, it will also flag up any issues earlier than waiting for it to break potentially with high costs attached to that repair. This is now also a legal requirement as an automated gate system is covered under the health and safety executive’s machinery directives.


  • Choosing the right type of gate for your property – It could be a sliding gate it could be a swing gate all have their good points and there drawbacks. A sliding gate must be level, is the driveway and landscaping level enough at the property to be suitable? Swing gates take up more space as they swing into the driveway space is there enough room? These questions we can help you answer.


  • First impressions the look of the gates is very important it’s the first thing people see when they approach your property. We have an extensive portfolio of work that you can view to get some ideas in place or alternatively tell us what you like and we will faithfully recreate that idea. We can have a bespoke gate made to suit your home perfectly in any material and in any colour of you choosing that come with drawings ready for you approval before being made.


  • Project management if you are thinking of having brick piers with lighting and gates, trying to coordinate the bricklayers, ground workers, electricians, engineers that are required on these installations can be daunting let us take the hassle out of it for you. We provide all the correct staff at the right times to ensure everything goes smoothly we have our own dedicated team that will ensure that you are blown away by the end results.


  • These are a few little pointers to hopefully help you make an informed choice when the time comes to start the project.